Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Some of My Sources...

I have had several people ask me where I get my information from, so I wanted to share with you, loyal reader, the websites that I check regularly. Most of these I check daily, if not more. Some of them I may check only a couple times a week.

Facebook - I have two accounts: one personal one, and one solely dedicated to political postings.
Email - I have three email accounts that I check, not including multiple work emails.
Twitter - you can follow me at @realtonygoodwin at Twitter. I retweet a lot of stories and things I find interesting, not very much in terms of original content though. See below to see some of who I "follow." - this is for headlines and interesting little stories The Drudge Report is known for breaking news stories is a news aggregator, it includes user-submitted links and snarky commentary Politico is my main source for mainstream political news, especially the 2012 Live tab - This is's special politics section - RealClearPolitics has the best and most accurate polling numbers, as well as news stories Maximum PC is all about PC hardware and other technology stuff Tom's Hardware has indepth PC hardware articles, with excellent reviews and testing Maximum PC's tech site, for Android, tablets, phones, etc SmartMoney has a portfolio tool where I can check my real and fantasy investment portfolios, as well as interesting articles Crawling Road keeps me up to date with interesting investment news, mostly focusing on Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio Strategy The Gospel Coalition features great articles and blogs from a solid theological footing Tim Challies has great reviews of books and whatnot, from a Reformed perspective, and his a la carte posts are quite interesting Ed Stetzer blogs about church research, missiology, and church planting

Here is just a small sampling of the several hundred accounts I follow on







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  1. It's a good thing you are a speed reader. Just reading your list exhausts me. :)


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