Thursday, January 6, 2011

President Obama - Muslim, Communist, Nazi, AND Hippie?

Get real, folks.
A lot of people, myself included, have legitimate issues with the policies, leadership, experience, or judgment of our President...this happens with every President. I would like people to focus on those things. If you don't like a decision the President makes, or a position he takes, that is fine. Counter those things. Making ad hominem attacks, that are misinformed at best, or downright lies at worst, is not going to win you any points.
I am one of the more opinionated people I know, and of course I would like to convince everyone to believe the same way I do and have my worldview. That won't happen by criticizing every decision the President makes just because he is the one making that decision. Criticize it because it is a bad choice. On the other hand, make sure to give him credit when he does something you agree with.


  1. Iget extremely upset when I hear people compare our government to Nazi Germany. Seriously?! Nazi Germany?! I'm sorry, have you studied Nazi Germany and their policies and compared them to our current government? Or did you hear the term "Nazi" spouted by some political pundit and assumed since he was, most likely, somehow educated he/she knew what he/she was talking about? I'm not an expert on Nazi Germany, but I have taken several classes from professors with their PhD's and read several historically accurate books over Nazi Germany. Our government does not resemble Nazi Germany's government. Do small occurences happen with each president that can be somehow, in some way, tied to a decision another government made in the past? Sure. But that does not mean we are headed down the road to Nazi-land. IF we were, don't you think the Democrats would be just as anxious and nervous as the Republicans? I mean, it's not like the Democrats all read "Mein Kampf" as soon as they run with the Party and their secret mission is to take over the world. They, undoubtedly, hate what happened in Nazi Germany as much as the next person. There are individuals in every country that do want to adhere to the laws and policies of Hitler and the Nazi Party, but they are not mainstream (more oft than not that is). *sigh* $#*!@

  2. I agree!

    Keep in mind though, it is fair to argue that perhaps certain policies are similar to policies that Nazi Germany (or Soviet Russia, or any other police state) might have advanced. It is fair to be mindful of the path that police states took, and to try to avoid the same paths as America.


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